Welcome to the 1st workshop on the Visualization of Multilayer Networks

The 1st workshop on  Visualization of Multilayer Networks will take place at VIS 2019 in Vancouver, BC, on Monday October 21st from 2:20pm-5:40pm.


Change of room: The workshop is now scheduled to take place in ROOM 3.



Multilayer Networks as an emerging topic in Information Visualization

The concept of Multilayer Networks has recently become prominent in the field of complex systems and the topic is increasing in popularity in research literature across all domains. Despite this significant surge of interest in Multilayer Networks, the visualization and visual analytics community is only beginning to consider approaches and tools to visualize and analyze Multilayer Networks.

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This workshop is a venue for discussion of this exciting emerging topic, with the aim of stimulating research on Multilayer Networks within the wider visualization and visual analytics communities. It will feature an invited talk by Professor Guy Melançon.

The organization team accepted conference  submissions of up to four pages, as semi-public notes, describing work in progress on any of the topics specified below, or otherwise related to Multilayer Network visualization.

The submissions were  peer reviewed, and the accepted submissions can be seen in the Programme section


Topics & focus

  • A unifying visualization framework for Multilayer Networks,
  • Novel visual encodings for Multilayer Networks,
  • Interdisciplinary approaches featuring techniques and data from other domains,
  • Multiple layers and multivariate data,
  • Multilayer Network science, analytics, and metrics for visual analytics,
  • Interaction with Multilayer Networks,
  • Evaluation & Human Factors in the context of Multilayer Networks.

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